Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement (SRPC)

SRC Grade

SRPC at PARASAKTI CEMENT is produced Conformed to the Indian Standards Specifications as per IS: 12330 - 1988

The cement that is prepared by grinding Portland Cement Clinker in which the amount of tricalcium aluminate is not more than 5% and the sum of twice the Tricacium Auminate and Tetra calcium aluminoferrite is less than 25% and suitable proportions of Gypsum.

Comparative Analysis Of Parasakti Cement with BIS Specifications SRPC:

The SRPC is beneficial in such conditions where the concrete is exposed to the risk of deterioration due to sulphate attack, in contact with soils and ground waters containing excessive amounts of sulphates as well as for concrete in sea waters or exposed directly to sea waters.

Minimum Compressive Strength at

Description IS Requirement Parasakti Results
3 Days (72 ± 1hour) Not less than 10 MPa 28-32 MPa
7 Days (168± 2 hour) Not less than 16 MPa 38-42 MPa
28 days (672±4 hour) Not less than 33 MPa 55-58 MPa

Setting Time in Minutes

Description IS Requirement Parasakti Results
Initial Setting time Not less than 30 Minutes 130-140 Minutes
Final Setting time Not more than 600 Minutes 230-250 Minutes


Description IS Requirement Parasakti Results
By Blaine method Not less than 225 M2/Kg 270-290 M2/Kg


Description IS Requirement Parasakti Results
Le-Chatlier method Not more than 10mm 1-2 mm
Autoclave method Not more than 0.80 percent 0.02-0.15%
Sulphate expansion Not more than 0.045 % at 14 days 0.02%

Applications :

Underground and basements structures, Works in coastal areas, Piles and foundations, Water and sewage treatment plants, Sugar, chemical, and fertilizers factories, Petrochemical and food processing industries